[№1 сrystal Clean]

We sell very high quality cocaine.


1g - 12.000 rub
2g - 20.000 rub
5g - 45.000 rub
10g - 85.000 rub
50g - 310.000 rub
100g - 570.000 rub

Natural Hashish [Best Product]

Hashish based on marijuana.


10g - 6000 rub

50g - 25.000 rub

100g - 38.000 rub

200g - 65.000 rub

500g - 150.000 rub

1000g - 260.000 rub

Mushrooms "LSD"

Ready Mexican mushrooms LSD.


1g - 800 rub

2g - 1.500 rub

10g - 7.000 rub

20g - 13.000 rub

200g - 90.000 rub

500g - ?

Marijuana [Only quality!]

We sell only quality marijuana.


10г - 9.000 rub

20г - 16.000 rub

50г - 40.000 rub

100г - 65.000 rub

500г - 160.000 rub

1000г - 290.000 rub

Ecstasy pills
[+++ XTC +++]

There are different tablets of ecstasy.


5 - 6.000 rub

10 - 10.000 rub

20 - 18.000 rub

50 - 25.000 rub

100 - 40.000 rub

500 - 150.000 rub

1000 - 250.000 rub


Buy drugs in Moscow


In our store you can buy cocaine, ecstasy, hashish in Moscow. Store RastaLegend works 100% anonymously. You do not need to meet with a courier or transfer money. You just fill out the form on the site or contact the operators through the indicated contacts at the bottom of the site. Be sure to indicate feedback email or jabber.

In our store you will find only classic drugs and all this is import. If you decide to buy gashish in Moscow, it will be a natural product from marijuana. Also we have two large greenhouses, where we grow marijuana for you.

With our online stores you will not have a question - Where to buy cannabis in Moscow? We work honestly and openly. Anyone can buy drugs, for this you just need to write to us.

Cocaine we sell from 1 gram, hashish from 10 grams, pills of ecstasy from 5 pieces, marijuana with delivery to the house of 20 grams.

We really can buy ecstasy in Moscow, we have cocaine, hashish and other interesting goods. Be sure to check out the photo of the drugs that are sold in our store.

Photo of goods with signature from Rasta-Legenda.biz
HashishCocaine xtc cannabis

To order or buy cocaine, hashish, ecstasy or marijuana

We try to make convenient places in the accessibility from the metro and without surveillance cameras. Our specialists leave your orders in very reliable places, where you will not have problems with the police. Buy cannabis wholesale and retail can be around the clock. There are daily bookmarks of cocaine from 1 gram, hashish from 10 grams, marijuana from 10 grams, ecstasy tablets from 5 pieces.

To make an order for any and goods, you just need to contact our operators through the contacts and we will answer all your questions. You can buy ecstasy tablets in Moscow at any time. We keep constantly ready places for you.

Drugs in Moscow with delivery

Delivery is done only by marijuana when ordering from 20 grams. We have a separate rock with hashish, cocaine, tablets. Marijuana is already separate people.

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